Linda Kulik brought me in to help with the internal creation of concepts for a new exhibit to be shown at the temporary space on Howard Street. I worked closely with Linda and Marco Centin to create concept sketches based on the Howard Street space.

I created the building in 3D CAD drawings and used that as an underlay for sketching in exhibit concepts. The ideas were presented internally for approval.

I also drew concepts for the new building which was under construction at the time. We created some of the first concept renderings of what the Renzo Piano interior might look like. See the slide show above for the sketch of the interior.


California Academy of Sciences
Ants Exhibit and concepts for new building click on the image below to view the slide show
california academy of science  
2003 - 2004

Design Consultant : Dirk Dieter

In-house Director / Designer : Linda Kulik

In-house Designer : Marco Centin



Ants exhibit : General Graphics


California Academy of Sciences

In-house design

california academy of sciences