The goal of Chabot was to bring more visitor interest to their existing telescopes and the observatories. They already had valuable use at night during telescope viewing activities.

This set of exhibits provided interpretation of the telescope history and the actual physical principles of their differing designs. They also provided work space and storage to help unify and clean up the observatory interiors.

The telescopes vary in age from the late 1800s to the mid 70s. We decided to create an arts and crafts furniture aesthetic that would work in all eras. We simply changed the color for the 70s version.

Interactives were developed and designed in collaboration with Chabot staff experts and Gizmo's electro-mechanical expertise.


Chabot Space and Science Center
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chabot space and science center  
2005 - 2006

Designer : Dirk Dieter

Project Director : Tamara Schwarz

Graphic Design : Lisa Park

Mechanical Design : Michael Faw



Gizmo Art Production Inc.


Tamara Schwarz

in-house development

chabot exhibit