Mark Sabatino brought me into this project to help with design and visualization for the client. Mark has a long time relationship with YBCA and Rene de Guzman. The Gap was looking for an experience design that would revolve around the launch of their new coffee table book, "Individuals." The first show was in New York at Eyebeam and the second show was at YBCA in San Francisco.

Mark and I came up with the concept of creating a hierarchy of the Gap photos that would map onto physical objects in the exhibit experience. Some of the photo presentations were traditional but within a "pop-art" photo presentation theme.

We continued our relationship with the Gap looking at renovating their corporate offices. You can see images of those presentations in the slide show above in addition to images from the development of "Individuals."


Gap Inc.
"Individuals" at YBCA and Eyebeam,NYC click on the image below to view the slide show
gap individuals  
2006 - 2007

Lead Designer : Dirk Dieter

Design Partner and Fabrication : Mark Sabatino

YBCA curator : Rene de Guzman




Gizmo Art Production Inc.




Creative Director : Trey Laird,


gap individuals