The visitor center is located in an historic cannery warehouse with large columns every 11 feet. The concept presented to the client was to use the columns as an asset rather than trying to avoid them. I suggested that we could make the columns into mast elements. This went over well since there is historic reference of square masts. It also provided the opportunity to create coordinating historic hardware and fittings.

Part I of the Visitor Center opened in 2001. Part II is presently being fabricated by an in-house fabrication team. Part II is a walk-through exhibit of San Francisco's maritime history. Some of the concept sketches from Part II can be seen in the slide show. See the link above.


San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
Visitor Center , Part I and II click on the image below to view the slide show
maritime museum  
2005 - 2006

Academy Studios

Lead Designer : Dirk Dieter

Creative Director : Robert Yagura

Exhibit Developer : Becca Carter (for part I)

Project Manager : Kyra Bowling



Exhibitology, New Jersey


National Park Service

Lynn Nakata, Mark Hayman,

Richard Everett, Steven Cainright,

Amy Hosa