Gordon Chun and I came to the museum together as a team. We both appreciated the client's concerns about the time frame, the diminishing budget and the desire for maximum collaboration.

Kathleen McLean and Gordon and I involved the client every step of the way. We developed concepts separately and collaboratively and always brought the ideas to the whole team for approval.

Kathy was instrumental in creating a vision for the design aesthetic and Gordon was invaluable as a keeper of common sense and good taste. Gordon and I collaborated on almost all of the design concepts and then divided up the final design work. I did most of the conceptualizing of the large environments.

I was in charge of the architectural coordination of infrastructure for the project. And worked with the consultants on integration of hardware.


Oakland Museum of California
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Oakland Museum History Gallery  
2008 - 2010

Design Team

Exhibit Designer : Dirk Dieter

Exhibit and Graphic Designer : Gordon Chun

Creative Director : Kathleen McLean




In-house : OMCA


Chief Curator : Louise Pubols

Chief Preparator : Steve Brisco

Fabrication Manager : Mark Jensen

Architect : Mark Cavagnero Associates

History Gallery