Gordon Chun and I were brought in as a team to be considered for the gallery design. Gordon and I were also working on the History Gallery. Although the two galleries are in the same building their character and methods are very different.

My main focus here was to design interactive furniture that responded to focus group feedback and prototyping. The museum had a grant to create innovative interpretation for art. The team's goal was to look at new ways to make art more approachable to everyone. New ways to look at art and to experience art.

I created designs that responded to the specific needs of the grant team and also created furniture for the general gallery needs. I developed a consistent design vocabulary that brought all of the elements together.


Oakland Museum of California
Gallery of California Art click on the image below to view the slide show
Gallery of California Art  
2008 - 2010

Design Team

Exhibit Designer : Dirk Dieter

Exhibit and Graphic Designer : Gordon Chun

Creative Director : Kathleen McLean



Emax, Guy Miller


Chief Curator : Rene de Guzman

Technical Coordination : Stijn Schiffeleers

Architect : Mark Cavagnero Associates

Oakland Museum of California