I was hired as a staff designer for The Tech when The Tech was known as "the Garage." The prototype space was a great proving ground for ideas. I was one of 4 designers. We were each responsible to concentrate on one gallery and to work together to create a common vision and vocabulary.

In designing the communications gallery I worked with technology partners including AT&T, Elo Touchscreens, Motorola, Active Worlds and Protozoa, animation motion capture experts in San Francisco.

I continue to work for The Tech as a consultant. It has been a great opportunity to see the evolution of the museum as components are evaluated and re-thought. Being a part of the changes has been very educational. I created the internet exhibit concept in 2004. I also designed the new innovation interactives with Peggy Monahan and designed the interactive components of the "Wet Lab" exhibit in the Life Tech gallery in 2005. You can see a couple of images of those exhibits in the slide show above.


The Tech Museum of Innovation
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The Tech Museum of Innovation  
1994 - 1999 (and consulting after)

The Tech Museum of Innovation staff

Designer Communications Gallery : Dirk Dieter

Designer Innovation Gallery : Dan Wodarcyk

Designer Life Tech Gallery : Adam Aronson

Designer Exploration Gallery : Tim Bell

Developer Communications Gallery : Rachel Hellenga



Exhibit Fabrication : Maltbie, New Jersey

Architect : Ricardo Legoretta, Mexico City

Local Architects : Steinberg Architects

Graphics : Bally Design, Pittsburgh

The Tech Museum of Innovation