I have had a long relationship with Zeum designing changing exhibits and helping them to create their image. I work closely with staff developers, engineers and managers to create and evaluate new exhibit concepts.

Zeum does an amazing job of integrating art and technology and making it approachable and exciting for their young audience. They are very good at paying attention to their visitors and evolving their exhibits and programs accordingly.

The exhibit "Reality Check" was a big change for them. The new interactives relate directly to existing successful programs. This allowed the changing exhibit space to be an introduction to other aspects of the institution thereby creating more interest and understanding of everything that Zeum has to offer.


8 Exhibits over 8 years click on the image below to view the slide show


Lead Designer : Dirk Dieter

Exhibit Director / Project Manager : Lisa Dunmeyer

Graphics : Zeum staff, Jim Neczypor

Red Egg Labs, Stephanie Syjuco



Gizmo Art Production Inc.


E Max